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Positive Energy Tesla Harmony Purple Energy Plates
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Original EIP Purple Plates

These are the original purple plates invented by Ralph Bergstresser. These are not a copy. Each purple plate, purple energy disk, and purple angel contains the authentic EIP logo. These are the original purple plates that Linda Goodman wrote about in her book Star Signs. This is what Linda Goodman says about the purple plates in her book Star Signs. Do you want to increase your vibrational energy? You may have heard of the purple plates referred to as Tesla Purple Plates referring to Nikola Tesla technology or even Purple Harmony Plates. The purple plates all go by these names and these are the true original.

Everything in the Universe is energy and vibration. Each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different rates of vibration. Elements differ in vibrational through the mere change in components such as protons and electrons.

What are purple plates and how do they work?

The atoms and electrons of the aluminum have been altered so that the plates are in resonance, or in tune, with the basic energy of the Universe. They function as transceivers of the Earth's paramagnetic force...creating a field of energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. This energy is very beneficial (the life-force energy) to all life...plant, animal, or human. It might be considered as Positive Energy, or as God power. Love is "positive energy". God is Love. God is Energy.

Science has proven that by projecting "love" or positive energy to a plant, the plant will flourish and grow vigorously. The plate energy will also do the same to plants. If a child is injured, it will run to its mother who automatically releases "energy" or "prana" in Yoga. In China it is called "chi", and the pain is relieved. The plates can do the same thing when placed upon an injured area of man, plant or animal. If a person receives a burn, they have suddenly had the normal vibrational rate of the tissue altered...and they suffer pain. The plates will help to quickly return the burned area back to its normal rate of vibration. This is accomplished by acting as an antenna to attract the life-force vibrational frequency of the universe and the Earth. All faith healing utilizes this energy.

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We offer large purple plates, small purple plates, positive energy disks, purple angel pendants, fuel ionizers, hunza water ionizers, garndening green thumb energy tubes, purple energy bracelets and a Tesla energy research book: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.

Are there purple plates negative side effect or in any way harmful?

No. In no way can these purple plates be harmful. The purple plates can be placed directly on the skin or be separated by clothing and have the desired effect. They can be carried in a woman's purse on your person. There is absolutely no threat to health or safety when using positive energy purple plates. One common concern, because of their use of the Earth's natural paramagnetic force, is whether or not the purple plates will affect the magnetic strip on credit cards. There is, however, no threat to the magnetic strips on credit cards.

How do others use their Tesla Harmony Positive Energy Plates?

These purple plates will help raise the vibrational rate of any individual using them. Many people place their food from the market on the large purple plates (12"x12") when they are still in paper sacks. The time recommended is about fifteen minutes. The energy attracted by the plate will enhance the taste of the food. Pineapple and other fruits that can sometimes have a sour taste will sweeten after sitting on the plate. Plate energy will change the taste of wine improves in taste and expensive wine becomes like vinegar. A plate that is placed under a vodka martini will ruin the will taste like water after as little as 2-3 minutes!

Does your water taste less than desirable when you go out to eat? Is it full of chemical tastes such as chlorine? Well, the positive energy plate is your answer to the end of such unpleasant dinner experiences. Simply place the glass of water on one of the medium purple plates for as little as 2-3 minutes and watch the miracle begin!! You will have cleaner-tasting, wetter water that goes down smooth without all of the chemical taste. The energy from the plate is believed to reduce the surface tension of the water and neutralize a significant concentration of the chemicals in the water. Take it everywhere you go! You may have heard of structured water and the benefits of drinking structured water. Positive energy purple plates do a phenomenal job of structuring water.

Some people sleep on these purple plates by placing them under their pillow or mattress. This helps to give them more energy and raise their vibrational rate. Other people cannot sleep with the purple plates near them, as the positive energy will keep them up most of the night. By wearing the small plate in a pocket, most people will feel an increase of energy and less fatigue. Some people find the best results by using them for shorter periods...perhaps only 30 minutes to 1 hour each day, or twice daily. This all depends upon the individual. Many reports have come back complaining of the plate's ability to "disappear", "grow legs" or actually "dematerialize".

How long do the purple plates last?

The Tesla harmony purple plates have been in use for more than 30 years, and they are still functioning very well after that length of time. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminum has been altered, they will remain in that condition possibly indefinitely. The purple plates are not "charged". They are utilizing the basic energy of the universe.

Plate applications that users have discovered:

  1. Wear the small plate in pocket for more energy. Women carry the purple plates in their purses. (No body contact is necessary)

  2. Place large plate in the refrigerator (center shelf). Food will last much longer and thermostat may have to be adjusted if food freezes. (Exception for fresh meat and fish)

  3. Place plate under sick houseplants.

  4. Place grocery bags of food on the large plate for approximately 15 minutes. This induces the "life force energy" in the food.

  5. Place 1 gallon of water on large plate or medium plate for twelve hours while leaving the lid off. Drink or use to water plants.

  6. Place medium plate in dog or cat bed or under food dish.

  7. Place small disk around pet's neck for general well being.

  8. Use the positive energy plate on the injured area of any living thing.

  9. Energize crystals, decomposed granite or quartz sand by placing material on the plate for 12 hours. Scatter the energized material on plants or trees to enhance growth.

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